Clinimetric properties of a novel feedback device for assessing gait parameters in stroke survivors

Auteur(s) J. Dieën, van; K. Michael; I.G. Port, van de; Jacqueline C. Outermans; M. Punt; B. Alphen, van; Harriët Wittink
Publicatiedatum 2014
Publicatietype Artikel
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Innovatie van Zorgverlening
Lectoraat Leefstijl en Gezondheid
Samenvatting Community-dwelling stroke survivors tend to become less physically active over time. There is no ‘gold standard’ to measure walking activity in this population. Assessment of walking activity generally involves subjective or observer-rated instruments. Objective measuring with an activity monitor, however, gives more insight into actual walking activity. Although several activity monitors have been used in stroke patients, none of these include feedback about the actual walking activity. FESTA (FEedback to Stimulate Activity) determines number of steps, number of walking bouts, covered distance and ambulatory activity profiles over time and also provides feedback about the walking activity to the user and the therapist.
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Gepubliceerd in Journal of NeuroEngineering and Rehabilitation
Jaargang/Volume 11 nr. 30