A First Step Towards Learning Analytics

Implementing an Experimental Learning Analytics Tool

Auteur(s) Justian Knobbout; Esther Stappen, van der
Publicatiedatum 2017-06-18
Publicatietype Conferentiebijdrage
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Leren en Innoveren
Lectoraat Digital Smart Services
Uitgever University of Maribor Press
Samenvatting From the article: "The educational domain is momentarily witnessing the emergence of learning analytics – a form of data analytics within educational institutes. Implementation of learning analytics tools, however, is not a trivial process. This research-in-progress focuses on the experimental implementation of a learning analytics tool in the virtual learning environment and educational processes of a case organization – a major Dutch university of applied sciences. The experiment is performed in two phases: the first phase led to insights in the dynamics associated with implementing such tool in a practical setting. The second – yet to be conducted – phase will provide insights in the use of pedagogical interventions based on learning analytics. In the first phase, several technical issues emerged, as well as the need to include more data (sources) in order to get a more complete picture of actual learning behavior. Moreover, self-selection bias is identified as a potential threat to future learning analytics endeavors when data collection and analysis requires learners to opt in."
Trefwoorden Learning Analytics
Taal Engels
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Jaargang/Volume 30