A little less balance in new teachers' professional development

An international teaching internship as a significant personal experience in becoming a teacher

Auteur(s) Peter Mesker
Publicatiedatum 2018
Publicatietype Proefschrift
Kenniscentrum Hogeschool Utrecht, Kenniscentrum Leren en Innoveren
Lectoraat Normatieve Professionalisering
Samenvatting This thesis reports on an interpretative case study about student teachers’ and new teachers’ personal interpretations in their teaching practice, during and after an international teaching internship. The main aim of this study was to describe how an international teaching internship interrupts existing, familiar ways of thinking or acting. The findings are an interpretation of how this interruption influences student teachers’ and new teachers’ “personal interpretative frameworks” (Kelchtermans, 2009) during their teacher training programmes and transition from student to teacher. This framework reflects the basis on which a beginning teacher grounds their personal decisions or judgements for action and answers the questions: ‘how can I effectively deal with this particular situation? and ‘why would I work that way?’ (Vanassche & Kelchtermans, 2014, p. 118).
Trefwoorden international teaching internship, beginning teacher, student teacher, personal interpretative framework
Taal Engels
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